The smart tenant experience and analytics platform, made for the future of the Commercial Real Estate

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Commercial real estate is facing unprecedented uncertainty. helps landlords strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering exceptional experiences and life-improving technologies, tailored to the tenants of the future.

Bringing tenants back to workplace and future-proof your assets with

Create a pull factor for bringing tenants and their employees back to work in a safer environment.

Tenant Retention
Drive Operating Cost

Keep all your building information in one place

Lockated Core solution equips you and your team with all the tools and resources you need to create a tenant experience



Concierge /
Services On Demand

Product / Service

Capture, Communicate, Integrate, Deliver & Engage.

Your New Age Tenant Experience Management Tool

Property Owner

Manage and benchmark your performance matrix with all your data sources connected to one single dashboard. Get real time insights.

Get complete control over your cost and spends visibility, across your property & assets

Real time reports from various operations & functions of your estate at a click a button, helps you optimize and get complete eye on your property

Manage and track all your compliances from one single tool, never missout on any mandatory maintainence

Have a centralised helpdesk for your tenants in the physical and digital environment ensuring there is no loss of productivity

Welcome tenants & visitors safely with touchless entry, keeping track of all entries and exits to your property

Manage with Ease as that's the Key to your Property

Property Manager

Manage your complete assets, inventory across your property and categories of assets, track maintaince, service due and etc

Measure and track your meters and reading to monitor consumtion on day to day basis, with data backed intelligence

A robust digital checklist management, create daily, weekly and monthly checklists

Automate your approvals, and exclations with our automated rule based workflow management

A complete inventory management helps you track all consumables with real time visibility

Schedule and prepare for all types of audits on weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Monitor and measure function, asset and functions

Collect realtime surveys and feedbacks from your tenants and visitors and use data backed intelligence to improve your services

Strengthen Your Tenants by empowering them

Property User

Our user-friendly space management tool allows your tenants to book various available tenant spaces across your property

Get complete control on all your visitors and tenants entering and exiting your property through out the day

Offer your tenants a one single Helpdesk be it online or offline and deliver them with a exceptional experience and ontime resolution

Integrate your existing Access Control and Flap Barriers to give your tenants and easy access to your facilities and public areas

Delight tenants, unlock new revenue, and future-proof your assets with

IoT Integrations

Integrate your existing hardware access control or adapt our partners and give your tenants an integrated experience


Manage your entire facility with our integrated computerized facility management system

Keeping Your Data Secure

At, we pride ourselves on security as well as simplicity. That’s why we serve demanding organizations across India. We’re ISO 27018 certified, GDPR compliant.


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